Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (2023)

Alistar is a support champion in League of Legends with excellent and reliable engage abilities. Players know him for his kit that enables him to start team fights and serve as a team’s frontline.

Most of his skins are old, and Riot hasn’t updated them for a champion as old as Alistar. As a result, you will only find unique and updated visuals and animations in his latest skins. While they add no visual satisfaction during gameplay, the particle clarity associated with the old skins makes many players prefer them.

Although we have got a total of thirteen skins on this champion, most of them are unavailable to players. Nevertheless, let’s check out the Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best.

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14. Longhorn Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (1)

This skin is simply a costume on the champion. It has the same visual effects as Alistar’s original model, even down to his recall animation. While its splash art tries to capture the character as a fearless champion, it does so in an outdated fashion.


  • Cheap
  • Decent clarity


  • No special effects

13. Matador Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (2)

This skin is also just a costume with a certain degree of resemblance to Longhorn Alistar and no special effect. Although it portrays Alistar as a bullfighting champion in its splash art, it is nothing beyond the apparel.


  • Ironical depiction of a bull being the torero
  • Decent skin clarity


  • No special effects

12. Golden Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (3)
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The only difference between the original champion model and this skin is the color theme. Apart from that, every other thing is the same. From ability casts to recall animations, you will find Golden Alistar the same as the original Alistar. One cool feature of this skin, though; the champion looks cool with his golden fur and white beard.


  • Good champion appearance
  • Decent skin clarity
  • Cheap


  • No special effects

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11. Black Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (4)

This skin is the earliest Alistar skin and rarest skin in the game. Yes, you read that correctly; only about 1000 League accounts would have this skin.

It portrays the champion as Black Minotaur, which gives a cool look in-game. However, it has no unique animation, effect, or particle. The skin is just a costume.

Although it adds no unique visual to the champion, this skin sits at the ninth position because it is no longer available. What we have here is a relic of the early stages of the game.


  • Rarest skin in the game
  • Decent clarity
  • Good appearance


  • Rarest skin in the game
  • You cannot get in it anyway

10. Unchained Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (5)

For players who subscribed to the Riot official Youtube Channel, Unchained Alistar was the reward. As a result of this, the skin is not available in the game shop. However, Unchained Alistar is nowhere as rare as Black Alistar; it is pretty common.

The skin portrays the champion as a Minotaur who has broken free from captivity. In-game, he looks only slightly different from his original model and has no special effects.


  • Decent clarity


(Video) The Best Skin for EVERY Champion in League of Legends! - Chosen by YOU!

  • Little more than a costume

9. Infernal Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (6)

Are you looking to experience the champion in a fire-fueled costume? Infernal Alistar is what you need. While the skin has no special effect or animation, it has the unique red infernal model that looks good. You can see this skin as a lesser version of Conqueror Alistar.


  • Cool fiery appearance
  • Decent clarity


  • No unique effects

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8. Marauder Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (7)

In the Marauder universe, Alistar belonged to the fearful beastmen tribe. However, they got conquered by the Magelords’ army – the Marauders – and Alistar got captured. He ended up joining their ranks later on in the story.

The skin portrays Alistar as a Marauder with battle-worn steel horns and shiny armor battling the Wardens alongside Marauder Olaf. However, the skin has no unique in-game animations or effects.


  • Cool skin appearance


  • No special effects whatsoever

7. Sweeper Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (8)

Even though it has no unique effect or animation, this skin comes in sixth because of its model clarity. Sweeper Alistar has the cleanest in-game champion model of all Alistar skins. When using it, you will appreciate the well-defined structure and model of the champion.

This skin portrays Alistar as a football team member who participated in the Riot Football League universe. As such, You will see him wearing dreads with a very muscular physique. However, its price might be suitable for skin with few unique features.


  • Clean champion model
  • Good skin clarity


(Video) Rating every Alistar skin #shorts #leagueoflegends #alistar

  • No special effects whatsoever

6. SKT T1 Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (9)

Riot released this skin to honor Wolf, the support player for the SKT T1 team that won the Worlds tournament in 2015. As such, it goes beyond being a mere costume as it has a few unique animations and a remarkable recall.

In appearance, the champion wears a special jersey in-game with the SKT T1 logo on the arms and chest. It costs 975 RP but is in the legacy vault, so you can not buy it except it becomes available again.


  • Good clarity
  • Some special effects


  • Not always available for purchase
  • Limited special effects

5. Hextech Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (10)

Just like other Hextech skins, this one is only available for 10 Gems. It has an excellent hextech appearance and a kind of funny recall animation. Ability casts have special hextech-themed effects, and compared to all of the previous skins discussed, it is exceptional.


  • Unique Hextech-themed effects
  • Special recall animation


  • Costs 10 Gems
  • Loosely defined ability effects

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4. Conqueror Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (11)

Riot released this skin to celebrate the Mid-Season Invitational in 2019. It has an overall red and gold theme and portrays Alistar rousing himself for battle. Conqueror Alistar has special effects that are all influenced by the skin theme down to particles and sounds.

Of all the skins with special effects, I will pick this one second for its particle clarity.


  • Good theme and effects
  • Unique recall animation


(Video) The WORST Skin for EVERY Champion in League of Legends! - Chosen by YOU!

  • Not always available in the shop

3. Blackfrost Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (12)

The Blackfrost skin line comes from a reality where Freljord has fallen to Lissandra’s influence. All of the lands and creatures have become corrupted with the Ice witch’s black ice magic. In this world, Alistar was no exception; he fell to corruption.

This skin has it all from effects down to recall animations and even sounds. However, playing with Blackfrost Alistar can feel a little bit clunky with VFX that might overload your visual perception. Because of this, it is slightly challenging to define ability casts.


  • Unique effects
  • Special recall animation
  • Good skin lore


  • It might feel a bit clunky to use
  • Loosely defined ability effects
  • Expensive

2. Lunar Beast Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (13)

Although this skin line didn’t pop off as much as Riot wanted it to, it had a couple of cool skins. Lunar Beast Alistar is one of such skins because it has fantastic effects that reflect the Lunar festival.

This skin has unique features that are surprisingly clearly defined and don’t feel muddled up. It’s like having excellent themes and effects in addition to particle clarity in one skin.


  • Perfect theme and effects
  • Good particles
  • Unique recall animation


  • Pricey
  • Relatively flashy

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1. Moo Cow Alistar

Best Alistar Skins – Ranked from Worst to Best (14)

This skin is simply a stroke of genius. Coming from the Toy Box universe, it gives an overall sense of fun and is relaxing to use. It has few unique effects but makes up for all it in the particle clarity.

Also, Moo Cow Alistar has one of the coolest and funniest taunts in the entire game; even your opponents will have to laugh. For the ease and clarity it offers, the skin comes at a reasonable price of 975 RP.



  • Cool Theme
  • Particle Clarity
  • Unique recall animation
  • One of the best taunts in the game


  • Limited unique effects


If you are on a skin budget, Moo Cow Alistar is the one for you. However, if you don’t mind the price, I will recommend Lunar Beast Alistar. The reason is that while the former looks cool, it offers limited effects, whereas the latter has a better theme, VFX, and good particle clarity.


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