Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (2023)

Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (1)

I have both good and bad planetary news this month, so let’s start with the positive, shall we? “The overall energy for April, at least until the sun goes into Taurus, is to get going and get moving,” says says Donna Page, a professional astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology based in Atlanta. “All of the planets are in direct motion, which only happens for a few weeks every year. This is basically the Universe’s way of telling us to hop to it!” A lot of positive changes and growth can happen this month—as long as you don’t fight it. On the 20th, things do slow down a bit when the sun enters Taurus, a luxurious, slow-moving earth sign.

And now for the bad news (you didn’t think I’d forget, did you?). The day after Taurus season begins, on April 21st, Mercury goes retrograde. Because Mercury rules over communication, prepare for misunderstandings, tech issues, and just weird blips in life during this time, says Page. Other important dates this month include the full moon in Libra on the 6th, which will bring balanced energy to all signs. And on the 11th, Venus, the planet that rules over love, enters a fun-loving, chatty Gemini, bringing a light-hearted energy to life and love. And then, also on the 20th, there's the second (!) new moon in Aries of the year, which coincides with a powerful solar eclipse, says Page.

Basically, this is your sign to get your butt in gear before the planets do it for you! Ahead, Page shares her April 2o23 horoscope predictions for every zodiac sign:

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (3)

Aries, I hope you’re ready for the heat because this a hell of an astrological month for you! Not only is Jupiter—the planet of expansion—wrapping up its time in your sign, marking the end of a 12-year (!) cycle. But it's also still your birth season, which ends with a potent new moon solar eclipse on the 21st. This combo makes for a bit of unrest in your life. Expect to analyze your values and relationships, but overall, you'll move toward a life that is more meaningful. Take a beat to get away and be alone with your thoughts this month—it'll be time well spent.

The energy surrounding the full moon in Libra, which is all about balance, will make the thoughts spinning in your head clearer. Ride this energy through the end of the month—powerful changes are ahead!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (4)

Happy almost birthday, Taurus! On the 6th, the full moon in Libra highlights a part of your chart that deals with everyday life. And one major part of your day-to-day is, of course, your career. You are feeling invigorated in your work this month, both from the energy of the full moon and the new moon solar eclipse in Aries on the 20th. The new moon, in particular, will bring a deep understanding of yourself and your worth. Once this crystalizes, you can feel free to ask for that deserved raise and allow yourself to really ascend in your career.

And if things have been feeling off in your work life, consider why you do what you do. Maybe you've stayed at a job because it’s what you think you “should do” or it’s something you decided on when you were a kid, but remember: It's okay to change your mind. If things aren’t jiving, this is the month to make a change!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (5)

Gemini, I’ll be straight with you: This is going to be a bit of an intense month when it comes to your career, and you can thank Saturn for that. The planet that highlights your life path moved into Pisces last month, as you may remember, and it's staying there for two years. This energy may cause you to have a reckoning with your professional life. Perhaps you find yourself asking the big questions, like, ‘Is this really the career for me?’

Mars, the planet of action, is also in your financial house, so money and the practicality of your living situation are top of mind. While this isn’t exactly the fun forecast one may hope for, it is an excellent opportunity for you to take stock of your life and make any necessary changes. This will only lead to greater happiness, Gem!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (6)

This should come as no surprise to you, my sensitive little moon-ruled Cancer, but you are going to be feeling extra emotional when the full moon in Libra hits on the 6th. This full moon highlights a part of your chart that deals with home, which is perfect for you, a creature of comfort. You may find yourself redecorating or really taking the time to think about how you can be organized and comfortable in your home space.

Lean into that for the first half of the month, as things may get hectic once you enter Taurus season. The energy around the sun moving into Taurus and the coinciding new moon solar eclipse has you feeling more assertive than usual. Harness this energy to get what you want in your career. Flex network those networking muscles—the perfect opportunity might just land in your lap!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (7)

This is a pretty juicy month for you, Leo. It kicks off with the full moon in Libra on the 6th, which highlights your house of communication. For the first two weeks of April, you’ll find yourself having a lot of necessary convos—whether it’s with your S.O., your friend, or your coworker. When you are communicating what you want and need, be sure you listen as well. It’s possible your ego is getting in the way, and you need to let your guard down a bit to reach a true resolution.

Things heat up on the 20th, however, when the new moon and solar eclipse are happening in fellow fire sign Aries. You'll feel super inspired—so do your thing! Whether you need to write that poem you’ve been thinking about, reach out to a new client, or simply redecorate, lean into this surge of fresh energy! Taurus season and Mercury retrograde highlight how you are seen in the world, so take note of your station in life. Are you happy with where you’re at in your career, love, and social life? Do you feel balanced? If not, now is the time to make a change!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (8)

Money is on your mind this month, Virgo. The full moon in Libra illuminates a part of your chart that is focused on your finances and personal resources. So, if you’ve been wanting to bring more abundance and cash into your life, now is the time. Consider your position and compensation at work this month, too. Are you happy with how much you're making? If not, what is standing in the way of you moving up and earning more?

If you don’t have the answer yet—just wait, because Mercury, your ruling planet, is going retrograde on the 21st, the day after Taurus season begins. This cosmic combo will emphasize knowledge and your desire for information. Is there a conference you can attend to sharpen your networking skills? Or perhaps an online course that will help you learn a new essential software at your workplace? This is a great month to invest in whatever will take you to the next level in life!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (9)

Happy full moon month, Libra! The full moon energy has you feeling yourself, which is always something to celebrate. You’re feeling a bit sexier and more joyful than usual, so put on your favorite ‘fit and get your favorite folks together for a fun night out.

When the sun moves into Taurus on the 20th, and the powerful solar eclipse/new moon in Aries follows hours later, partnerships are going to be highlighted for you..and not just romantic! Your business dealings may be top of mind, as Mars, the planet of action, is illuminating your career. You may feel a bit of a fire under your feet and find yourself thinking heavily about where you are in your career. Do you feel supported in your workplace...financially, but also with emotional support and learning opportunities? If not, it may be time to move on to greener pastures!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (10)

It’s been a busy few months for you, Scorpio, and in April, you are feeling it! Take the time you need to rest and restore—it will only improve all of the positive momentum you’ve been building. This energy is particularly strong around the full moon in Libra on the 6th. If you can, take time to get away from it all—whether you hop on a plane to a tropical locale or just shut off your phone and prioritize sleep, joyful movement, and the other activities that recharge your battery!

Once the sun moves into Taurus, which is opposite your sign, and the Aries new moon and solar eclipse follow, your work life is going to pick up again. You’re starting new routines, getting your butt up early, and really taking care of yourself so you can perform optimally. Go you!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (11)

This month starts out on an adventurous note for you, Sag, which is right up your alley! Enjoy the full moon in Libra on the 6th, as it highlights your friendships and the fun, lighter side of life. Consider this your official invitation to get dressed up in your fave outfit and hit the town with your pals or plan a goofy pajama party at home. Whatever fills your cup is the priority for the first part of the month.

When the sun moves into Taurus, work will be on your mind. This energy is only intensified by Mercury, the planet of communication, going retrograde the same day in your career house. You may feel like life has been building toward something important—whether that’s in your 9 to 5 or a business of your own creation. That greater purpose will become clearer than ever with all of the planetary shifts at the end of the month. Take time to journal, vision board, go for a walk, talk to your BFF, or whatever it is that helps you ground down and listen to your intuition. You will find all the answers within yourself!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (12)

This is a pretty work-heavy month for you, Capricorn, which should make you feel right at home! With the full moon in Libra on the 6th, you can expect your work life to be highlighted in a major way. You may find yourself wondering if this is really the right place for you long-term, or if you can see yourself reaching your goals in your current company. Remember: Work gets to be pleasurable, too. If you’re spending your precious time and energy on a task, it may as well be something you are passionate about!

This energy of inspiration and the desire to start anew intensifies when the sun moves into Taurus, and the new moon/solar eclipse happens on the 21st. Don’t be afraid to explore new career paths, whether it’s a whole new gig or setting up a side hustle you’re really passionate about!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (13)

You are feeling pretty introspective this month, Aquarius, thanks to the full moon in Libra illuminating your house of knowledge, travel, and wisdom. This energy is all about having deep philosophical conversations, expanding your horizons, and really getting out there to explore!

Also, Pluto is in your sign for the first time in decades, which gives you the sense that a big change is coming. It won’t necessarily come at this moment, but you’ll want to prepare yourself for positive momentum in the months ahead. Get yourself organized, clear the space in your home and your life (ditch any energy-sucking friends or situations in your life) and prepare for what the future holds. It’s you, Aquarius, so you know it’s about to be exciting!

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Your April Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde 😭 (14)

Sh*t is getting real, Pisces! With Saturn, the planet that rules our life’s path and purpose, in your sign for the next 2.5 years, you can expect rapid-fire change in all areas of life. This sounds daunting, but you will be immensely grateful for the opportunities and people presented to you during this time when you look back on it. So hang on for the ride! You’ll be pretty focused on your career for this month, and this energy becomes stronger with the solar eclipse and new moon in Aries on the 20th. These planetary movements are highlighting your finances, so take a look at your budget and your career prospects. And expect the unexpected!


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